Monday, May 23, 2016

Experiencing meaninglessness?

All the work that you do, all the goals that you have, if we see the ultimate result of all the desired achievements, looking at the whole picture of time and space, it all looks meaningless. All works and all goals look meaningless. But because of this, not doing any work creates further meaninglessness as these couple of years of your life are governed by constraints. You are going to feel hunger and you need to make arrangements for your food. You are going to get nature's calls and you need to make arrangements for yourself. No matter what, you are going to feel sleepy in the night and you need to have your arrangements to forget everything rest your body peacefully. You need a bath in the morning, else you wouldn't feel good in the body. These feelings are nothing but sensations, agreed. But they do pinch. If you meet with an accident, you are going to feel the pain. And your imperfections, your desires are going to prick you every now and then. Do you really have control over them? And no matter what, if you find any work meaningless and stop working, you will start getting bored! This will add to more meaninglessness. So many hours every day, for so many days, for so many years, you need to do something and with commitment. Sometimes you are constrained to do something that you don't like and sometimes you get to do things that you enjoy. Whatever, knowing the meaninglessness of everything, and even the meaninglessness of not working, we need to do that which is easiest, that is work.

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