Friday, December 16, 2011

Life moves on..

Practically, most of the times mind tends to be in a state of moderate prana.

A good thing is that in this state, you are not completely down. Although you experience some uncontrolled moments of actions, expressions, feelings, confusions and discomfort, you also simultaneously experience moments of viveka- where you plan what you need to do next, and do it.

Life is not always completely down! Feel blessed!


Yesterday, I could experience how doubts in our mind, apparently about any of the external things are actually caused by our own low or moderate prana.

No cause lies outside. Outside, the world is as it is, as it was.

Only our perception gets blurred and doubts arise.

So, whenever a doubt comes next, know that the reason is somewhere within.


Subtle things about people that do not go down your throat trigger ego in you.

On the outer periphery of actions, you attempt to keep your control. But that's not done.

As it is, eyes and expressions speak more than actions.

But forgetting about outer periphery, you need to be aware within that nothing is permanent.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

How much sensitive are we?

Life is so busy that you don’t get to bond or work with every person around you who could possibly work with you.

What does that result in? You are more connected and sensitive to the problems in some peoples’ lives than in others’.

All souls go through the same pains.. all are significant. But each one is connected and feels sensitivity to only a few.. he helps out only a few of his friends in times of need.. that’s how this life is.

Longing.. how long?

People long for some other people who come in their lives, or for God or Guruji. It seems that longing is a part of life for almost every soul. Maybe going through that pain is inevitable for all for some time. But I believe that when the time is over, people come out of it.