Thursday, November 15, 2012

Judgments? Don't trust!

The biggest things that betray us are our judgments. Because they are only our perception of reality.

But the reality is never known. As it is a mystery.

Pleasure at the doorstep..

As you sow, so shall you reap.

Sometimes, a situation for pleasure comes right at your doorstep, though you yourself did not initially wish it.

Being aware and disciplined when a situation for temptation comes in front of you all by itself, without your invitation is very challenging. But at these times too, the principle remains the same- As you sow, so shall you reap.

Mind Games

On the first day of the AOL part 1 course, we are asked- What do I want in my life? When there is a feeling of sadness and I am asked what do I want in life, the answer is- I want all this to cease. May the mind stop thinking. May there be no experience of presence of anything. So then there will be no experience of any cravings and pain. It seems that life can be so much in bliss and happiness when it ceases.

But at some other time, when things in the outer world are pleasant and my inner world is contented and I am asked the same question, I feel that life need not cease..may be I want to live more and enjoy a bit more of the daily chores. So is it that I am chasing pleasantness? So is my mind settled and willing to be dispassionate?

Intellect- do we use it?

Our mind is very deceptive. It actually tries to fool us most of the times by trying to find appropriate reasons to justify what we want to do. Whatever we do in our lives- it is out of our desires and urges. And similarly, if we do not feel like doing something, our mind finds an appropriate reason for not doing it.

Mind is not hollow and empty. So any decision or action that we take by using your intellect or logic is, at a particular level, a reflection of our urges and not rational thinking. Because rational thinking cannot be done by a mind that has impressions and.. hardly anybody’s mind is empty..