Friday, November 8, 2013

Are you bigger than the goal?

Do we give the completion of a task a higher priority than the urge to do it by ourselves?

Good work happens when people come together and take individual ownerships. So, at the start, work happens when we take ownership. And later, more work happens when the ownership is given away. To test ourselves, we can ask ourselves a question- For the sake of our goals, are we willing to collaborate and work with a person with whom we experience ego issues? Guruji says that if you have differences, then keep the differences and still maintain harmony.

I recollect a few cases where goals went temporarily haywire - Differences between Lokmanya Tilak and Gopal Krishna Gokhale led to the temporary division of the Congress in the early 1900s. The opposition to Narendra Modi by L. K. Advani was hurting BJP’s goals. Criticism of Arvind Kejriwal by Anna Hazare hampered the IACs anti-corruption movement.

The world is filled with innumerable service projects. If one is complete, the other is ready for you. But the contentment is when we bring more and more people to accomplish the goal.. isn’t it?


Sometimes the clock moves so slow.
With every tick, pain flow.

Why does the creation move so gradual?
Years it takes for change to be observable.

The needle has its distinct traits.
The more you observe it, the more it waits.

Oh, what a wonder, what a mystery!
Each eye perceives the speed so differently.

Time and again, we try to free.
But when will we just let it be?

And as we look behind, we expose a trick.
The present is slow, but the past moved pretty quick.

Not so long back, the events created fury.
But now all that exists is a fading memory.