Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Are we in a conflict?

When is it that we fail to handle a situation and react? It looks like when our mind is in anger and ego, or in longings and desires.

Especially during conflicts, our mind has a tendency to hit back. And every time when we fail to respond, we increase the amount of work that we need to do in order to get free.

As we know, when situations outside and inside are hot, only more ugly things happen. So, this is the time to hold on and accept the present situation, whether a set back or an adjustment and let time pass by.

So, we should have a short term goal and a long term goal-

The short term goal is to move on from a conflict.

The long term goal is to keep moving on from such events that will keep on coming wherever we are.. as these events are not at all our final destination..


My hair made a sparkling sound..
As it dissolved into the ground

My eyes closed and my body still
I enjoyed the bliss and my free will

There was no need to present or pretend
There was now- no foe, no friend

I feel so much peace and contentment
That now there’s nothing to repent or resent

With life’s riddles, I didn’t agree
But as the fire engulfed me, I was set free

The air escaped; the water, vapours
Now there were no laughters, no tears

The space was free, the earth into ashes
The fire released me, finally into infinity..

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Should I be firm? Or should I let go?

There’s one common trait that we always observe in leaders- inner conviction. They take risks and walk the uncertain path, while others wither away.

Actually, to a certain extent, every person exhibits leadership. That’s why he able to take his decisions. The degree of leadership depends on the degree of firmness- how much pressure can one swallow?

This firmness seems powered by ego. So you also see some leaders dead, but not bent- like Muammar Gaddafi, Prabhakaran, Osama Bin Laden and Saddam Hussain.

So how many leaders exhibit the ability to judge when to be firm and when to let go? And does letting go mean not being a strong leader?

Life of Pi

There's one thing that clearly stuck me in this movie-

When Pi is completely helpless and gives up, he ends up at a strange island which saves his life. And when he is done with the island and he realizes that his life would be stagnant there, he moves on to find the real land.

Now, if God had wanted, instead of landing him on that strange island, God could have landed Pi up at the real land itself. But that did not happen in the movie. And so also in life. We have to continue to sail, and never give up. We have no option to stop. We can rest, take a break, relax for some time and then, again get back to sailing..

But then, I have another question- What is it exactly that I am supposed to achieve?

I feel, when I realize that there is actually nothing to achieve, no target to greatly chase, but to only live each day and do the things that come my way.. maybe peace would dawn and I would come back to the present moment.

But still, there has to be a goal.. and also an awareness that except for the sporadic time bound frustrations, the real contentment is in effort, not in actually achieving the goal.


Mind is a very complex thing. If your mind is sensitive to a particular thing, it does not mean that it is sensitive to other things in life as well. And life keeps bombarding you with situations where you have to put efforts on things you are temporarily insensitive about or else face pain. For eg. I was not sensitive about fixing the leaking taps properly in my previous flat which was wasting a lot of water daily. So my new flat too had leaking taps.

Its simple, till sensitivity does not arise and you do not put efforts on resolving certain things that come in your life, they will never leave you and keep pinching you, demanding attention. Mind gets occupied with so many things and busy schedules. But amidst such schedules, when you experience pinch and sensitivity to a neglected thing and put efforts to resolve it, you are released, your peace comes back again.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013


Sometimes when on the streets, we happen to cross by a beautiful girl, a wave of attraction and lust arises in us and we feel like looking at that girl more. There is an urge to seek pleasure and the eyes want to see more. And we try to peep at the girl in bits and pieces at every possible instant till she is in sight. Of course you do not stare at her frankly and openly by turning your neck too much as it would be considered uncivilized and you are supposed to be mannerly and civilized! So you crave to look at her in whatever intervals you can.. and finally when she is out of sight, there is a mild feeling of unfulfilled cravings and disturbance and may be a bit of guilt if you had got to stare too much of her and had considered her an object for a few moments.. the mind is certainly not at peace!

But have you ever noticed that this experience by itself is quite unpleasant, unsettling and unwanted from within? It makes our mind crave for a pleasure and that craving stays unfulfilled at that moment. Is it enjoyable? However, even if a craving does get fulfilled anytime, that peace of fulfillment normally vanishes quite soon and we left with experiencing only more cravings. This is a never ending story of our mind getting caught up in vasanas and we continuing to destroy our present moments, until a saturation point is reached and we finally want to be out of it. May be chant om namah shivay and get free.

So then, next time if you happen to spot a nice looking girl around you and you experience cravings, how do you deal with it? Just recollect that it is actually an unpleasant, unwanted experience that’s come to you only to destroy your inner peace. And the desire to look at that person will only increase the unpleasantness.. and she’s not the only one.. the world is super-filled with such objects of cravings, but you need not continue to look at anybody and get more trapped.. its better be with the self and be peaceful. And despite knowing this, if your passive actions are not willing to listen to your past experiences and knowledge, then just leave it and chill!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013


Every morning the day begins,
with an ambition to work and a dream to win

Each day has its own story;
time reveals the setback and the glory

But do we always do our best?
And let the nature do the rest?

Busy we should be till we live.
Coz there’s so much to achieve!

But why are we always so keen?
Is there always a need for discipline?

Mind plays its own games;
sometimes it drives and sometimes it pains!

Events come and hit our bum.
Sometimes we cry and sometimes have fun!

Through all events, we emerge pure.
As we accomplish something for sure.

Learning from past, we march ahead.
And continue we all to climb the grade.

But our slate is never clean.
Into the thoughts our minds always lean.

Each day our senses, we please.
But from these patterns, when will I release?

Everyday I observe the skies.
But still don’t know where the mystery lies.