Thursday, January 3, 2013

Life of Pi

There's one thing that clearly stuck me in this movie-

When Pi is completely helpless and gives up, he ends up at a strange island which saves his life. And when he is done with the island and he realizes that his life would be stagnant there, he moves on to find the real land.

Now, if God had wanted, instead of landing him on that strange island, God could have landed Pi up at the real land itself. But that did not happen in the movie. And so also in life. We have to continue to sail, and never give up. We have no option to stop. We can rest, take a break, relax for some time and then, again get back to sailing..

But then, I have another question- What is it exactly that I am supposed to achieve?

I feel, when I realize that there is actually nothing to achieve, no target to greatly chase, but to only live each day and do the things that come my way.. maybe peace would dawn and I would come back to the present moment.

But still, there has to be a goal.. and also an awareness that except for the sporadic time bound frustrations, the real contentment is in effort, not in actually achieving the goal.


pranali said...

The most important part that touched me was no matter who is with you it's ultimately you who needs to walk and you are the only one getting benifited/loss whatever...
Company is myth and situations fall apart too!

sandeep said...

Very true.. I agree!