Tuesday, January 1, 2013


Every morning the day begins,
with an ambition to work and a dream to win

Each day has its own story;
time reveals the setback and the glory

But do we always do our best?
And let the nature do the rest?

Busy we should be till we live.
Coz there’s so much to achieve!

But why are we always so keen?
Is there always a need for discipline?

Mind plays its own games;
sometimes it drives and sometimes it pains!

Events come and hit our bum.
Sometimes we cry and sometimes have fun!

Through all events, we emerge pure.
As we accomplish something for sure.

Learning from past, we march ahead.
And continue we all to climb the grade.

But our slate is never clean.
Into the thoughts our minds always lean.

Each day our senses, we please.
But from these patterns, when will I release?

Everyday I observe the skies.
But still don’t know where the mystery lies.

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