Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Are we in a conflict?

When is it that we fail to handle a situation and react? It looks like when our mind is in anger and ego, or in longings and desires.

Especially during conflicts, our mind has a tendency to hit back. And every time when we fail to respond, we increase the amount of work that we need to do in order to get free.

As we know, when situations outside and inside are hot, only more ugly things happen. So, this is the time to hold on and accept the present situation, whether a set back or an adjustment and let time pass by.

So, we should have a short term goal and a long term goal-

The short term goal is to move on from a conflict.

The long term goal is to keep moving on from such events that will keep on coming wherever we are.. as these events are not at all our final destination..


pranali said...

This is truth. However it's difficult to implement so easily. For human Heart and mind is too resistant to move from one to another and what your mentioning is all serenity - devine ...takes a long way to establish in one thought process.
Hope you achieve this soon.
All the very best for that state of mind:)

sandeep said...

Hi Pranali.. agreed.. but i feel its up to us.. I think one needs an inner drive to dig dip into life.. and then also just relax, surrender and enjoy living!