Thursday, January 3, 2013


Mind is a very complex thing. If your mind is sensitive to a particular thing, it does not mean that it is sensitive to other things in life as well. And life keeps bombarding you with situations where you have to put efforts on things you are temporarily insensitive about or else face pain. For eg. I was not sensitive about fixing the leaking taps properly in my previous flat which was wasting a lot of water daily. So my new flat too had leaking taps.

Its simple, till sensitivity does not arise and you do not put efforts on resolving certain things that come in your life, they will never leave you and keep pinching you, demanding attention. Mind gets occupied with so many things and busy schedules. But amidst such schedules, when you experience pinch and sensitivity to a neglected thing and put efforts to resolve it, you are released, your peace comes back again.

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