Monday, January 20, 2014

Isn't it?

Wherever you go on the planet, whichever part, you are going to meet some inevitable things- that is people or situations that trigger anger, frustration or ego in you. Or people that trigger lust or attachment in you. Or greed. Its not about places, its about your mind. Till your mind learn to be happy and centered always, in all situations, you will continue to learn. And when the learning matures, the people or situations may not be able to create bigger triggers, but only small ripples that dissolve quickly.. moving towards that maturity is evolution.


Bare lay the seeming calm
Came piercing a thought at helm

So distant the mind latched
Like freedom from the air snatched

Reasons I searched for self to engage
Tried open the worldly cage

But hey, hold on, do not frown!
For sure that light will one day dawn..


When you begin service, it’s actually a natural urge. But at the start, you still have to learn a lot of things..

1) Your urge for perfection makes you bossy and irritates others and they move away

2) Then you may fall into urge for seeking love, attachments, attention, group and deviate

3) In the early days, you have ‘doership’ attitude that ‘I am doing it’, ‘because of me’, which dissolves with experiences

At the end, when you come out of all of it, being human, you keep experiencing traces of it in day-to-day life, but the urge for seva never dissolves. It may reduce for sometime in between, you may not do seva for some time, but the urge is a natural urge.. and when the break is over, you are going to be back to serving.