Tuesday, January 29, 2013


My hair made a sparkling sound..
As it dissolved into the ground

My eyes closed and my body still
I enjoyed the bliss and my free will

There was no need to present or pretend
There was now- no foe, no friend

I feel so much peace and contentment
That now there’s nothing to repent or resent

With life’s riddles, I didn’t agree
But as the fire engulfed me, I was set free

The air escaped; the water, vapours
Now there were no laughters, no tears

The space was free, the earth into ashes
The fire released me, finally into infinity..


pranali said...

thats a lot of achievement!

sandeep said...

ha.. ha..! You feel that thinking about your pyre is an achievement? I wouldn't want to think of it beyond the poem.