Sunday, November 27, 2011

How much to express?

In this world, everybody seems to be seeking love and attention. In case if you find someone not going through it, then it means that that person is seeking his love and attention from somewhere else.

Feelings will always come. That’s inevitable. Responding to feelings in moderation, but not beyond limits should be practiced. If you suppress the feelings completely, it makes you unhappy, frustrated and depressed. Hence, to counter this, a bit of expression is always required. But at the same time, too much expression makes you seek love from outside and shifts your centre of happiness out of you. It disturbs you, makes you impulsive and depressed again or bring in the distortions of love if you feel that you do not get that love or attention you seek for. Hence, too much of indulgence into expression and attention also has to be avoided. Balancing the expression and aloofness should be practiced again and again with awareness..

Feelings are inevitable. But, observing the feelings as they come and graduating out of them is essential for reaching the goal.

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