Saturday, August 27, 2011

Why at all??

It seems that life is a constraint. Every person born on the planet is destined to live it. When you realize that almost everyone you know is imperfect, has ambitions, unaware of the purpose of life and maybe living out of compulsion- may have to work hard to pay EMI or may have to painfully travel by company transportation or by a private two-wheeler on the polluted roads, or go through pains of poor health, you lose interest in impressing anybody or for that matter, even talking to anybody. Jealousy ceases to stay on others’ success, because you know that the other person is also living this mystery filled with events.

You know that no matter what, you have no choice but to live this life till the end. In the process, keep facing happy, pleasurable as well as unhappy and depressive moments, keep feeling the pain of desires (if they bother at all) and keep experiencing the six distortions of love daily. In this complex MATRIX, it may not matter what you do. But what surely matters is whatever you do, whether you do it with contentment, happiness and fullness, or with feverishness and desires. Because, no matter what, in life, you are going to see both pleasure and pain. You will keep seeing the pain of others dying in front of you till you die one day..

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