Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Aggression and depression

Many times, I have found myself going through cycles of aggression, followed by depression. Aggression normally happens due to high energy, may be high prana, that makes me desirous of doing some good things, and all this finally leads to restlessness and aggressiveness in the mind, maybe to express, and followed by smashana vairagya, depression and misery later. Next time, be aware when this cycle approaches you.

So, whenever such aggression about some activity starts touching you, know that you need to drop it or atleast be aware of it, else depression will queue up at your doorsteps.

Know that there is no peace outside. And there is no need for any strong intention or desire for anything to happen in any particular way outside. All is already governed by the universal intelligence and all that needs to happen will happen. For example, if you feel that a particular volunteer or a person is not ‘correctly mentored’, then this thought may guide your actions. But finally know that that volunteer, as any other person on this planet, is guided by God and will get the experiences that he/she needs either through you or through somebody else.

Know that you are here only to put efforts and keep yourself busy. Rest, what happens outside is not of interest and is to be surrendered.

Amidst chaos, everything is perfect.

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