Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Excitement and depression are complimentary

Guruji said in the 2nd talk of Ashtavakra Geeta that you are blessed when the realization of futility of existence and boredom of routine, which cannot be done away with any other pleasurable activity, comes in you.

What pleasure can you seek in future? Remember that life is boring and life is routine; and life is meant to be like this.

No ambition or even intention in job is going to help you be with that inner self of bliss. At the same time, all that you need (not want) will come by whenever needed. So, tapas lies in living life freely, with no intention from moment to moment and serving others whenever they are in need.

Always remember, a mind excited about good prospects of future is going to go into depression in the next few moments. Because it seems that both excitement and depression are complementary and they follow each other. So, tapas lies in knowing that neither expectation from future, nor excitement is to be fallen prey to, because in later moment they will lead you to low feelings, misery and depression. Tapas lies in staying dispassionate even during times of success and failure, as finally all this is the play of the Divine and its only when we enter the small mind, that these distortions in feelings start and pains start in life.

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