Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Life is busy...

Commitments and work never stop. It is a never-ending reality of life. And most of the times, life looks over-loaded. So, you have to make choices, mess up some things at some times to cater to other prioritized things, like job during the days of AOL course, or kriya and meditations to work on some other commitments sometimes, or some other work delay at other times, to make meditation a higher priority, or health a higher priority.

As Guruji says, life is like riding a bicycle. You need to balance all your work. The only additional thing that I realize is, this bicycle journey is not going to stop any time till you are alive. Even if you complete some work today and feel relieved and good, it will not stay for long. Because, you will have some other work for tomorrow, and some other for day-after-tomorrow and so on. And if you do not do that work at that time, you may feel imbalance, and sometimes frustration… that’s how life is.

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