Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Many people on the path of devotion have longing to do service. Any other activity, like job may lose its juice and at times, it may seem like a jail.

But, if God has made it compulsory for people to spend time going through job and earning money, then there’s got to be some purpose. Searching for purpose is futile as the scope of logic is very limited; the mystery and purpose of life extends beyond logic and intellect of an ordinary man.

Guruji says that the purpose of job is experience, money and discipline in life.

So, just like seva, take the responsibility of job and other things in life as tapas. It’s no longer about whether you enjoy your work or get bored. Practicing dispassion in your work, both during likes and dislikes is also a sadhana. Make your life a sadhana even during job. Because in job, you need to be always aware to see that you are not carried away either by the enjoyment or boredom of the work that you do or by the six distortions of love.

So, henceforth, whenever you are in your office, know that this too is tapas dictated on you by God. This is not your choice.

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