Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Good approach to living life

In the last few weeks, I have learnt a very good approach to living life. The focus of every moment of life is to only keep your self busy and work on the right things. So, completing the job commitments, some seva, some family commitments, some efforts on career, some knowledge sessions and helping whenever anybody needs help, life is busy and is going to be busy like this till you are alive. There is no choice here and there is no other possibility.

May be as years keep passing, you will grow in your career, get married, have kids responsibilities, then you will grow older, become more tired physically, marry off the kids, become retired, and leave the body some fine day. Till the time that death touches you, the only aim is to keep asking, what is to be done next? And keep putting efforts.

There need not be and should not be any strong desires that make you look for happiness in any possibility in future. Because life is to be lived only in the present moment. And how is it to be lived? By putting efforts in the right direction and then later, giving up the fruits of these efforts and being contented in the actions. Because as you have experienced, true peace lies only in the actions. Rest, whatever is to happen in life, will happen.

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